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Flexible Riser / Pipe Inspection

The patented MEC-FIT™ technique has been developed by Innospection to provide a reliable and technically advanced solution for the inspection of flexible risers and flexible pipes at their working locations.

The complex layer structure of flexible risers corresponds to challenges in the integrity evaluation of these pipes, especially the various wire layers under various tensional stress levels. There is a market demand for a technology able to deliver an external fast screening of the flexible risers in-situ, with visibility of the multiple wire layers and without the risk of damaging the integrity of the flexible risers.

The inspection techniques available were only able to inspect the near side layers of the flexible risers for wire disruption while the far side layers remain uninspected. Ultrasonic based technologies require the flooding of the annulus with a couplant for the inspection to be performed, which presents a potential risk of damage especially to the inner layers of the flexible risers.

As a result, Innospection developed the MEC-FIT™ flexible riser inspection technique.

Capabilities of MEC-FIT™

  • The MEC-FIT™ technique combines DC magnetic and Eddy Current field lines to allow a deeper penetration of up to three armour wire layers

  • Enables the detection of cracks, pitting corrosion and general corrosion in the single wire and multiple wires.

  • Enables the detection of wire misalignment and wire gaps

  • Fast external scanning in axial direction for wire angle structure <37°

  • Fast external scanning in circumferential direction for wire angle structure >37°

  • No couplant or annulus flooding is required for the inspection which minimises the risk of damage to the inner layers of the flexible risers / pipes.

MEC-Hug Crawler

The MEC-Hug Crawler is developed not only to deploy the MEC-FIT™ inspection technique but also to address the very specific challenges of accessing and inspecting the flexible and rigid risers in its working locations.

A sophisticated self-crawling inspection system, the MEC-Hug Crawler embraces the flexible risers after being deployed into position by ROV or rope access personnel and moves along the flexible risers through the splash zone to perform the external inspection.

The ability of this tool to crawl vertically or horizontally along the inspection assets provides greater flexibility in meeting the rigorous demands of the subsea inspections. A change out of the sensor system allows the MEC-Hug Crawler to be used for the inspection of rigid risers and general pipes.

The signal data with encoded position details is transferred in real time via the umbilical to the inspection computer located on the support vessel or installation. This provides instantaneous inspection results.

MEC-Hug PipeCrawler

The MEC-Hug PipeCrawler is a sophisticated self-crawling inspection system able to inspect flexible risers and flexible pipes at their working locations. It is capable of scanning both the axial and circumferential direction to accommodate the various degrees of wire angle structures of the flexible risers and flexible pipes. The MEC-Hug PipeCrawler can be deployed via a work-class or inspection-class ROV.


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