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Pipe Scanning

Pipe Scanning

Advanced pipeline inspection with the SLOFEC™ technique is a fast inspection solution with low preparation and high sensitivity in the detection of general corrosion in pipes with wall thickness up to 30mm. With pipe scanning tools suitable for pipes with 1" diameter onwards, painted and coated pipes can be inspected over a wide range of temperatures. The immediate reporting with generated colour mapping represents the detected defects in size and wall loss.

The aims of pipe inspection are:

  1. Identification of corrosion areas
  2. Determination of pipe integrity
  3. Following the required authority's health and safety requirements
  4. Verification of previous inspection results

Innospection's SLOFEC™ technique for pipe inspection offers the following advantages:

  1. Fast screening of large areas within a short time
  2. Low surface preparations and limited cleaning prior to inspection
  3. High sensitivity in detecting internal and external corrosional defects (individual pitting, microbiological corrosion, carbon dioxide corrosion, etc)
  4. Inspection over a wide range of wall thicknesses
  5. Inspection through different coatings and cladding types
  6. Inspection over a wide range of temperatures
  7. Differentiation between different defect positions or other occurrences
  8. Provision of reliable, accurate and repeatable results

Innospection's pipe inspection capabilities for both on- and offshore applications using the SLOFEC™ technique are:

  • Pipe diameter ranging from 1'' to 56''
  • Pipe wall thickness up to 30mm
  • Pipe coating thickness up to 7mm
  • Pipe with temperatures up to 170 deg C
  • Inspection of horizontal and vertical pipes both internally and externally
  • Inspection of different pipe materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, monel, etc)
  • Provision of real time inspection analysis including wall loss severity classifications
  • Separate reporting for both internal and external conditions with advanced colour defect mapping
  • Defect assessment, integrity and monitoring support

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